im so upset because i really love the neighborhood where i mentor middle school girls — its called little village (aka south lawndale) and its like 90% mexican and i always feel so at home in a weird way that i don’t get to feel in other places of chicago (not that latinidad is a monolith, but its so much easier to relate to people in little village than it is to relate to the Whites at uchicago) but i got catcalled 3! separate! times! when i was there today and it just hurts because i want to feel safe and at home there but ha *womanhood*


do you care about people with ocd? bipolar disorder? schizophrenia? autism? any other disorder besides unipolar depression and anxiety? all the “odd” and “scary” behaviors that they may exhibit? do you include them in your posts or do you only defend people with mental illnesses that dont make you uncomfortable?


novice buddhist monks photographed by (1-7) rajesh kumar singh near patna, india; roberto schmidt in thimphu, bhutan; damir sagolj in yangoon, myanmar; brian sokol in nepal; bonnie stewart in mandalay, myanmar; and paula bronstein in thimphu, bhutan 

its weird how different a haircut makes u look

theres mice in my apartment and i want to die


shout out to me for looking so good last November

oh my gorsh

i swear….. im getting more asexual and powerful everyday..

its Thursday night so naturally I’m watching cheesy movies and yelling at the tv

okay i actually wanted to cuddle with this dude so badly that i had a DREAM about asking him to cuddle with me like…..lawd help me